Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a peek.....

Here's a little peek at one of the projects I've been busy creating. I'm trying to get lots of things ready for Round Top and a couple of holiday shows that occur the following two weekends after Round Top. Who knows.... I might just have to take this to the next Canton.

So much to do -- so little time.
I better get back to work!

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P.S. This is my 98th post!
Do you want me to have some sort of fun giveaway to celebrate my 100th post?

Any ideas??
Let me know!!!

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Monday, August 3, 2009


I'm not kidding you -- it was HOT! And then the big rain and wind came in late Saturday afternoon and cooled everyone off for a little while. Unfortunately, it flooded some of the dealers out and messed up quite a few tents. Then the storm passed on and it was nice and sunny and everyone went back to shopping. I do want to send a big 'thank you' to one of my new favorite customers -- Harley -- who sought shelter in our building and ended up helping us lift up furniture and squeegie water out of the bulding. Come by next time you are at Canton and get a cold one -- and I don't mean water!

Here are a few pictures from the show.....

Very tall full-size wooden spool bed.

Close-up of bed pillow tied with paper flowers.

Pretty tole trays.

Comfy vintage porch glider and heavy metal grate table.

Wonderful gilded mirror.

Great old chippy frames.

Small old doll dresser.

Even smaller doll furniture.

Fantastic pair of old fabric covered valances.

Close-up of memory jug.

Best pair of gilded chairs ever!!

Love little domes. And big ones....
Everything looks great under a dome!

Great tall wire shirt transporter!
Would look great in bath holding towels.

Close-up of treasures in one of the cubby holes.

Black chandelier found a new home.

Love the ironstone!

Pair of great old heavy metal gates.

Close-up of gate.
Wonderful detail!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Did you see anything you liked?


* * * * * *

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