Monday, July 12, 2010

Our first show in Dry Creek Landing, the new lock and leave building at Canton, was GREAT!! No water on the floor when we had a bit of rain. Great ventilation from the Texas weather courtesy of 10 big exhaust fans (some shoppers even asked if we had air conditioning). Lots of great customers who loaded up their vehicles with cool stuff. And we are becoming good friends with the rest of the vendors in the building. Everyone was so nice!

Lillie and I worked hard to get everything ready for the big reveal. Hope everyone was pleased with what we had to offer. Here are a few pictures....

A little botanical section with a wonderful garden statue surrounded by nature.

The best-ever mirror resting on an industrial workbench.

Hand-stamped silverware was a big seller.

Everyone needs a crown!

Love the paper umbrella.

Old wooden folk-art frame and brown bottles.

Shelf loaded with lots of treasures!

Canvas moneybags can be turned into cute purses or pillows.

Cool lamp lights up a wonderful old religious print.

Sweet little garden statue and vintage garden furniture.

Great little cubby to store all your treasures.

Let me know if you enjoyed the pictures.
We are already working on our next show.

Come by and see us!

* * * * *

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