Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canton Follow-up

Thanks to everyone who came by The Veranda this past Canton weekend. I had to work on Friday and missed meeting Margo (aka Robolady)who was shopping with Sue Whitney from JunkMarket. Can't wait until the book comes out to see what Sue is doing with those little letter and number teaching aids she bought from us. Thanks again for stopping by and thanks for bringing Sue with you!

Here are a few close-up pictures of some of our 'eerie' decorations we used in our booth. We had a great time decorating for Halloween. Hope you and your families have a fun one! Enjoy the pics!

Be sure to join us next month at Canton. We are having PROM NITE Saturday night. I'll post more information later.


Robolady said...

You would not believe how thrilled I was to bring her to your booth. I had stopped back by their place and showed her my treasures. When she saw those letters she got "the look" and I told her I could take her to where they were, that you had a basket full and they were only $2.00 ea. And off we went. It was so much fun. Loved your store, hope to meet you next time I'm out there.

Garden_Antqs said...

Oh my, it looks like ya'll had loads of cool things. Wish I could have been there. Can't wait to see what ya'll have planned for next month. See ya there!!

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