Friday, November 2, 2007

Canton in November

It's Canton weekend and the weather is simply gorgeous! The sun is shining and you have to start and end the day with a sweater! Fall is here!! We have decorated for the upcoming holidays. Hope you make it out to see us! For those of you that might not be able to stop by, here are some pictures of our booth this month. Hope you enjoy them!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Stop by and see us at Canton every month. Or check our calendar for upcoming shows we have scheduled thru the end of the year. Hope to see you soon!

By the way -- this Saturday nite is Prom Night on the Porch at Canton. You are all invited! Wear your vintage prom dress or tux or ANYTHING YOU WANT and come to the party! The festivities start after shopping and will last into the nite. The party is held between The Porch and The Veranda -- Roads 43 & 43A by the creek.


Garden_Antqs said...

Margaret/Lillie: thanks so much for posting the pics!! I so wish I could have made it out this month, but...well you know the job thing, ha ha! My friend Marion stopped by yesterday and told me how great ya'lls space looked. I PROMISE to see ya'll at the end of the month!! Can't wait!

Robolady said...

It was lovely to see you Margaret & Lilly. I came to the Prom, but then you guys were gone. I stayed around for awhile, and then decided to leave around 6:30 or 7:00. I had a real fun time selling with Linda and I'll be doing it again Next Month. See you then.

For Love of Home said...

I don't know how you can go to these great places and not want everything. Maybe I am safer living in Georgia. Between you and Theresa (Garden Antiques) I just about can't take it anymore.

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