Thursday, February 7, 2008

Canton Valentine

It was Valentine's Day at Canton! Once again we had every type of weather imaginable in the four days we were there. That's Texas for you! Hope everyone who made it out had a good time and found lots of treasures.

We had a little camera trouble, but did manage to get a few pictures. ENJOY!

Cute garden setting with pots, patio furniture, birdbath, and a great flower box.

Ready for Spring!

Wonderful little metal drawer cubby with just the right amount of rusty white paint!

Check out this oversized garden trellis behind the patio sofa! Wouldn't it make a great headboard.....

This is all that's left of the wedding cake toppers.....

This big cabinet was full of ironstone.

Great selection of vintage heart-shaped candy boxes.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

My heavens! Small world! I just came across your blog! I was at Canton a last weekend and bought a vintage quail picture for my husband. He's a bird hunter....and DAG GUM IT!!!! There's that pretty vintage gardener prized ribbon in a picture. I put that thing down..picked back up...back down...back up and then decided not. Now when I see it in the photos I WANT IT!!!!
Glad I found you! Be back soon.

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