Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eerie Elegant Halloween

You couldn't have asked for better weather this past Canton weekend. It was gorgeous! We had a fantastic crowd of shoppers who enjoyed it too. The booth was set for Halloween. Eerie, but elegant. Lots of fun and interesting things to see. I'll let you sit back and enjoy the pictures......

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Would love to hear your comments.

Come see me next month at Canton.
I'm decorating for Christmas!
A winter wonderland.

* * * * *


red.neck chic said...

I'm skeert!!! Okay - no - I'm not. I'm mad. MAD I tell you!!! I would have LOVED to see your elegant skeeeeriness!!!

I swear - I'm stalking you in Canton.


castironandlace said...

It truly was a perfect Canton weekend! I wondered if the TX/OU game would affect the crowds - NO! I didn't have any trouble finding your new spot. It was such a "treat" to peruse all your wonderful vignettes this weekend. I would love to learn your "trick" of clever merchandising. Hope to see you at upcoming shows this month.

cindy said...

So great to see ya gurl and to catch up! Your new shop looked amazing! Loved it all.

OK, as we discussed, keep the 9th, 10th and 11th open for me! And lets try and get something going.

Also, I've got some other ideas in mind that I would like to chat with ya about as well.


Audrey said...

Wow! Gorgeous and creative. This must have taken a lot of thought and hard work. I'd love to go to a dinner party that looked like that table! I'm going to follow you for more inspiration. I'd love to do what you do and curate a booth like this!
Audrey at

Tom said...

Maggie, this is fabulous! We'd love to see you in Carmine. Give us a shot. Tom

Tom said...

Maggie, this is fabulous! We'd love to see you in Carmine. Give us a shot. Tom

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