Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here they are....

As promised.... more pictures from last Canton.

Fabulous bed!!

Garden statues can also be used indoors...

Beautiful crystal chandelier.

Wonderful display!

Great table centerpiece.

Fantastic lighted wall sconce!!

Best birdcage ever!

Tiny little books....

Everything looks good under a glass dome.

Needlepoint purses on a great pink velvet chair.

Love the little lamp...

Cute charms make great gifts!

Can't have too many chandeliers!

Love her!!

So, did you enjoy the pictures?


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Thanks so much for checking on us. Hope you all weathered the storm ok! See you at the next Canton after Warrenton.

Sweet Repose said...

Love the treasures, what a fun place to go every month...I can't stop drooling on the keyboard.


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