Monday, September 1, 2008

September Canton

What a great Canton week we had! Thanks to everyone who braved the Texas heat and took time from their shopping to stop in to say hello!! Once again, we handed out popsicles and fans. Hope you got one!

Enjoy the pictures and please feel free to leave a comment. We love comments!!

The front of the building got people's attention. I thought it was lots of fun!!

Corsets aren't just for wearing.....

They also make excellent planters!

I think it's time to open....

This cool aviary sold almost as soon as the doors opened!

Love this!!! And there are two of them!!!

These are great canvas mattress covers.

Lots of pretty things on these shelves....

Unique patio furniture...

Loved this little vignette!

That's all the time I have to post today.

Let me know if you want to see more and I'll post more pictures soon!!


Carol said...

Oh yes, please post more pics. You gals sure know how to make your space look fabulous.
Can't wait to see you in Warrenton, we're counting the days.



cindy said...

Everything looked amazing! And I always enjoy seeing you guys...sorry we did not make it back over for a popsicle...we pooped out and headed home! : D


Margo said...

Your place looked fab as usual. I just love those flash cards. I put 2 above my bulletin board at work that say "useless confusion" Perfect.
Can't wait to see what you cook up for Halloween.

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Sweet Repose said...

Did someone say more pictures...thanks for stoppin by and for the birthday wish! The Kentucky Theresa is a hoot, have fun antiquein' with her, wish I could go to the Texas show and meet y'all fun people that I've met on this here blog this year...someday, if I survive another nasty Iowa winter. Been doin this for 15 years now and am deep into the addiction...yippee!!!

I'll be back to visit...

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