Sunday, June 20, 2010


Been working on a few creations to take to Canton.

What do you think?

* * * * *


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Maggie, I think they look great! I dressed up some vintage bottles like that to sale, but thought they were so cute I ended up keeping them! I tend to do that alot.

Cathy said...

Great minds create alike!! lol I have been working for the past 2 weeks on getting my bottles ready for Canton! In fact, I seem to never get all of the glitter off of me! Lookin good and hope to make it down to check out you new digs! Happy Junkin Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

Pretty Things said...

OMG, I love them. I ADORE vintage bottles, have a huge collection, but right now they're naked!

The Green Pea said...

Maggie, I am happy to hear that you and Lilly have a good space. It is so much fun to sell and have happy customers...Love all of your photos. I will look the two of you up next time I visit TX. Until then have a wonderful Summer. sandi

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