Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ringing in the New Year at Canton

Happy New Year! It was a really nice Canton this past week. Rang in the New Year on Wednesday night and was ready for shoppers Thursday morning. The weather tried to cooperate most of the time. Warmed up to about 80 on Saturday! Saw lots of shoppers who had on their summer shorts and t-shirts!! But remember -- this is Texas! Woke up Sunday and had to put on the long-johns! We had the heaters running and the coffee brewing, so I hope you made it by our building to warm up a bit! Well, in case you didn't make it -- here are a few pictures to entice you to come by next time. Hope you like them!

Great barley twist table set up as a writing desk.

Opened Bibles stacked in a large ironstone platter.

Little cluster of pretty things to just enjoy.

Line-up of vintage cowboy boots by old iron bed.

Loved this concrete star resting on bed pillows.

Great vintage wool blanket went to a new home.

Cute idea for old plant holders.

Concrete swan anchored the creamy white setting on the farm table.

Old ironstone is always wonderful!

Italian chandelier set the stage for this table setting.

Cute little owl joined the party!

Absolutely love this pink-mirrored dressing vanity!!

Entire vanity -- tops, fronts, sides -- all covered in pink mirror!

Isn't it wonderful!

Tissue paper flower adds just the right touch to this lampshade.

Collection of religious items in front of mirrored metal cabinet.

Little inspirational books piled in a vintage hotel platter.

Fantastic pair of Italian sconces just loaded with crystals.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
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trash talk said...

Maggie, if you don't mind, could you e-mail me at with the price of the mirrored vanity and where I might be able to see it. It is tres cool. Also, if you still have them, what was the price of the pair of twin iron beds you had. You might have already sold those, but if not I might be interested. Thanks heaps, Debbie

lorhen82 said...

Sorry I live too far away to stop in! Nice pictures though.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

I want to climb in that beautiful bed...pull up that vintage wool blanket...look up at the lovely Italian chandelier...and get up the next morning and primp at that GORGEOUS pink mirrored vanity!

Thanks for the great pics!


Lesley said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I love it!!! It does make me miss home though. I was born in Perryton, Texas and was raised in Louisiana. We have a family reunion outside of Alto (between Tyler and Lufkin). I've been to Canton many times but now I live in Virginia. Ummmmmmmmmm any chance you sell items you post pictures of to people who may not be able to make the trip in person?



In reply to Lesly's comment (and anyone else who might be interested) -- just send me an e-mail if you see anything in the pictures that appeals to you. It's all for sale!! THANKS!!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Ooh, it is all wonderful!

So glad I found your blog. Now off to look at your blog shop.
Happy weekend!

cindy said...

Looks amazing as always! LOVE the black ticking and burlap tog! Awesome! Will look forward to seeing ya in Feb!


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